Guitar Ensemble Music Package



Take note that price is listed in Australian Dollars (approx $35 USD and $30 EUROS). 


Package includes:


- 11 songs sent as pdf files - notated and TAB versions for 4-5 guitars with optional bass parts. The majority of these songs also have sections where students can play improvised guitar solos

  'Amazing Grace' (arr. D. de Vries)

  'Como' (D. de Vries)

  'Deck the Halls' (arr. D. de Vries)

  'Green Folders' (D. de Vries)

  'Gymnopédie' (arr. D. de Vries)

  'House of the Rising Sun' (arr. D. de Vries)

  'Keeping Score' (D. de Vries)

  'River Moon' (D. de Vries)

  'Sand' (D. de Vries)

  'Waltzing Matilda' (arr. D. de Vries)

  'Windmills' (D. de Vries)      


- 8 sight reading etudes - these are great for sight reading practice


- 1 musical card game - this helps break up all the hard work. These are cue cards with instructions to perform freely improvised pieces directed by a conductor (student or teacher). I’ve found this a great was to encourage the students to listen to each other and play together by playing parts that compliment what’s happening around them.


- Optional bass parts included for all songs and etudes


- Youtube links - for students to play along with individual parts or the full score. This enables the student to slow down the playback speed


If you would prefer hard copies or individual song files feel free to email and I’ll be happy to help. 

Guitar Ensemble Music Package